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Product type
Repair Conditioner
Repair Conditioner Sale price€14.00
Repair Leave-In Treatment
Repair Leave-In Treatment Sale price€20.00
Hydrate Shampoo
Hydrate Shampoo Sale price€14.00
Hydrate Conditioner
Hydrate Conditioner Sale price€14.00
Hydrate Masque
Hydrate Masque Sale price€16.00
Volume Shampoo
Volume Shampoo Sale price€14.00
Volume Conditioner
Volume Conditioner Sale price€14.00
Detox Shampoo
Detox Shampoo Sale price€14.00
Clarifying Detox Shampoo
Clarifying Detox Shampoo Sale price€33.00
Microbiome Cooling Scalp Serum
2% Squalene Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner
5% Argan Repair Hair Oil
5% Argan Repair Hair Oil Sale price€52.00
Shield + Smooth Routine Kit Gift Set
Detangling Hair Comb
Detangling Hair Comb Sale price€34.00
Detangling Hair Brush
Detangling Hair Brush Sale price€36.00
Dry + Damaged Hair System Set
Dry + Itchy Scalp System Set
Dry + Itchy Scalp System Set Sale price€78.00
Oily Scalp System Set
Oily Scalp System Set Sale price€112.00
Oily Hair System Set
Oily Hair System Set Sale price€60.00
Scalp Build-Up System Set
Scalp Build-Up System Set Sale price€112.00
Thickening Dry Spun Texture
Thickening Dry Spun Texture Sale price€33.50
Thickening Dry Spun Light Texture
Thickening Volume Shampoo
Thickening Volume Shampoo Sale price€35.00
Thickening Volume Conditioner
Color Control™ LIGHT Shampoo 200ml
Color Control™ LIGHT Shampoo 1000ml
Color Control™ LIGHT Shampoo 50ml
Botanical Repair™ Bond-Building Flash Treatment
Enhance Satin Curling Ribbon Ivory
Sold outEnhance Satin Curling Ribbon Pink
Money Mist
Money Mist Sale price€32.95
Smooth Me Now Thermal Spray
Smooth Me Now Thermal Spray Sale price€25.00
Ltd Edition Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum
Be Curly Advanced Intensive Curl Perfecting Masque
Be Curly Advanced Coil Definer Gel
Be Curly Advanced Conditioner
Smoothing Conditioner
Smoothing Conditioner Sale price€14.00
Smoothing Shampoo
Smoothing Shampoo Sale price€14.00
Miracle + Treat Trio
Miracle + Treat Trio Sale price€46.00
Scalp Density Serum
Scalp Density Serum Sale price€62.00
Screen Siren pack
Screen Siren pack Sale price€62.00
Stem Cell Cleanse Shampoo
Stem Cell Cleanse Shampoo Sale price€44.00
0.25mm Scalp Dermaroller
0.25mm Scalp Dermaroller Sale price€48.00
Hairdressers Invisible Oil Trial Pack
Curl Trial Pack
Curl Trial Pack Sale price€42.50
Bond Building Trial Pack
Bond Building Trial Pack Sale price€42.50
Thickening Trial Pack
Thickening Trial Pack Sale price€42.50
Bestie Duo - Hydrate
Bestie Duo - Hydrate Sale price€35.20