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Product type
Heated Lash Styler
Heated Lash Styler Sale price€39.00
Supreme Curler
Supreme Curler Sale price€25.00
Lash & Brow Booster
Lash & Brow Booster Sale price€28.00
Hidden Agenda Undetectable Lashes (10mm - 14mm)
Eylure Naturals 003 Lash
Eylure Naturals 003 Lash Sale price€6.50
Visionary Lash Adhesive
Visionary Lash Adhesive Sale price€15.00
Visionary Lash Flares
Visionary Lash Flares Sale price€30.00
Hidden Agenda Undectectable Lashes (12mm - 16mm)
Zane Lashes
Zane Lashes Sale price€7.50
Lash Applicator Tool
Lash Applicator Tool Sale price€19.00
Visionary Lash Scissors
Visionary Lash Scissors Sale price€19.00
Visionary Lashes 005
Visionary Lashes 005 Sale price€29.00
Visionary Lashes 004
Visionary Lashes 004 Sale price€29.00
Visionary Lashes 003
Visionary Lashes 003 Sale price€29.00
Visionary Lashes 002
Visionary Lashes 002 Sale price€29.00
Visionary Lashes 001
Visionary Lashes 001 Sale price€29.00
Eylure Individuals
Eylure Individuals Sale price€6.50
Eylure Dramatic 126
Eylure Dramatic 126 Sale price€9.50
Eylure Fluttery Light 117
Eylure Fluttery Light 117 Sale price€8.00
Eylure Fluttery Intense 141 Lash
Bradley Lashes
Bradley Lashes Sale price€7.50
Brooklyn Lashes
Brooklyn Lashes Sale price€7.50
Cooper Lashes
Cooper Lashes Sale price€7.50
Freddy Lashes
Freddy Lashes Sale price€7.50
Harry Lashes
Harry Lashes Sale price€7.50
Jamie Lashes
Jamie Lashes Sale price€7.50
Stevie Lashes
Stevie Lashes Sale price€7.50
Calvin Lashes
Calvin Lashes Sale price€7.50