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Afro & Textured Hair

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Product type
Dream Coat Supernatural SprayDream Coat Supernatural Spray
Extra Strength Dream CoatExtra Strength Dream Coat
Extra Strength Dream Coat Sale price$41.00
Hairdressers Invisible Heat Protector PrimerHairdressers Invisible Heat Protector Primer
Style on Steroids - Performance Enhancing Texture Spray
Nutriplenish Vitamin Leave In Conditioner SprayNutriplenish Vitamin Leave In Conditioner Spray
Sap Moss Weightless Hydration ShampooSap Moss Weightless Hydration Shampoo
Nutriplenish Hydrating Shampoo Light MoistureNutriplenish Hydrating Shampoo Light Moisture
Sap Moss Weightless Hydration ConditionerSap Moss Weightless Hydration Conditioner
Be Curly Curl EnhancerBe Curly Curl Enhancer
Be Curly Curl Enhancer Sale price$36.00
Nutriplenish Hydrating Conditioner Light MoistureNutriplenish Hydrating Conditioner Light Moisture
Nutriplenish Hydrating Shampoo Deep MoistureNutriplenish Hydrating Shampoo Deep Moisture
Killer Waves
Killer Waves Sale price$44.00
Killer Curls
Killer Curls Sale price$44.00
Thickening Volume ShampooThickening Volume Shampoo
Thickening Volume Shampoo Sale price$39.00
Thickening Volume ConditionerThickening Volume Conditioner
Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizing TreatmentNutriplenish Daily Moisturizing Treatment
Curl Jelly Care De Frizz ConditionerCurl Jelly Care De Frizz Conditioner
Sold outNo.7 Bonding Oil
No.7 Bonding Oil Sale price$33.00
Nutriplenish Treatment Masque Light MoistureNutriplenish Treatment Masque Light Moisture
Nutriplenish Treatment Masque Deep MoistureNutriplenish Treatment Masque Deep Moisture
Nutriplenish Curl GeleeNutriplenish Curl Gelee
Nutriplenish Curl Gelee Sale price$41.00
No Frizz Vanishing Oil
No Frizz Vanishing Oil Sale price$40.00
No More Frizz Curl SerumNo More Frizz Curl Serum
No More Frizz Curl Serum Sale price$14.00
SMOOTH ShampooSMOOTH Shampoo
SMOOTH Shampoo Sale price$10.00
Be Curly Style Prep
Be Curly Style Prep Sale price$34.00
Sold outNo.6 Bond Smoother
No.6 Bond Smoother Sale price$33.00
Shook Mix + Fix Bundling SprayShook Mix + Fix Bundling Spray
One Minute TransformationOne Minute Transformation
One Minute Transformation Sale price$28.00
VOLUMINOUS WONDERS Sale price$48.00 Regular price$71.00
Thickening Plumping MaskThickening Plumping Mask
Thickening Plumping Mask Sale price$51.00
Curl ShampooCurl Shampoo
Curl Shampoo Sale price$71.00
Curl Moisturizing Shine Oil
Curl EnhancerCurl Enhancer
Curl Enhancer Sale price$44.00
Curl ElongatorCurl Elongator
Curl Elongator Sale price$48.00
Curl DefinerCurl Definer
Curl Definer Sale price$44.00
Save $20.00Nutriplenish™ Deep Moisture In-Shower Essentials
Nutriplenish™ Deep Moisture In-Shower Essentials Sale price$55.00 Regular price$75.00
Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil
Dry Remedy Moisturising Oil
Sold outCurl Whip Curl Activating MousseCurl Whip Curl Activating Mousse
SMOOTH ConditionerSMOOTH Conditioner
SMOOTH Conditioner Sale price$10.00
Hairdressers Invisible Oil Ultra Rich ShampooHairdressers Invisible Oil Ultra Rich Shampoo
Hairdressers Invisible Oil Ultra Rich Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Lotion
Hairdressers Invisible Oil Ultra Rich Deep Conditioning Mask
Hairdressers Invisible Oil Ultra Rich ConditionerHairdressers Invisible Oil Ultra Rich Conditioner
Hairdressers Invisible Oil Texture Spray
Hairdressers Invisible Oil ShampooHairdressers Invisible Oil Shampoo
Hairdressers Invisible Oil Mask
Sold outHairdressers Invisible Heat Pack