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Color Wow


About Color Wow

Color Wow stands out as a revolutionary hair care brand, distinctly different from others in the industry. Functioning as the vigilant "ingredient police" in the realm of hair color, Color Wow takes the lead by being the first to eliminate "color corrupters" commonly present in most haircare and styling products. With a commitment to preserving hair colour integrity, Color Wow has meticulously identified and banned over 60 ingredients known to stain and distort hair colour. Each formula from Color Wow is a breakthrough, proprietary technology crafted in the Color Wow Lab, specifically designed to address unmet problems for stylists and their clients. The brand adheres to a stringent standard, only bringing a product to market if it represents a substantial improvement or tackles an unresolved issue. Beyond innovation, Color Wow ensures its products are safe and effective, delivering results that are truly transformative and often defy belief. Notably, Color Wow maintains a cruelty-free stance, conducting no animal testing, and excludes harmful elements such as parabens, sulfates, and other toxic ingredients from its formulations.