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Luna by Lisa


Recognised nationwide as a leading brand in the beauty space

Lisa Jordan is a Cork born and bred professionally trained Makeup Artist and content creator. After years of working with top brands such as MAC … Lisa has a wealth of knowledge about all things makeup.

As a child, Lisa was always a creative and expressive person, and a career in makeup artistry was a natural step…..

Passionate about making effective, affordable products, and with a strong vision for what these would look like, Lisa went and set up LUNA by Lisa Jordan.

What started as a small selection of carefully formulated hair and makeup products, is now an ever growing cosmetics empire, with a reputation recognised nationwide as a leading brand in the beauty space

Glamorous mum to 3 kids; Pearl, Bowie & AJ Ace, Lisa is also a businesswoman, a self-starter and an all-round hard worker….

Lisa is first and foremost about her family. For Lisa, this includes her supportive community she has built online. This audience is one of the main drivers behind creating the perfect products for LUNA. Lisa involves customers in the product journey and listens and engages carefully with them as she develops new products for the line.  

Sun Tint

An instant face tint that gives skin a natural tanned hue with just a few pumps of its liquid formula. The closest thing you’ll get to Sunshine in a bottle!