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Makeup - Lips

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Amber Lip Gloss
Amber Lip Gloss Sale price€12.00
Berry Quartz Lipstick
Berry Quartz Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Beryl Lip Gloss
Beryl Lip Gloss Sale price€12.00
Birthday Suit Lip Liner
Birthday Suit Lip Liner Sale price€5.95
Birthday Suit Lipstick Matte
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb Sale price€7.95
Cherry Opal Lipstick
Cherry Opal Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Cloudy Matte Lipstick
Cloudy Matte Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Coco Shell Lipstick
Coco Shell Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Coco Shell Plumping Lip Gloss
Coral Kiss Lipstick
Coral Kiss Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Cream Cake Matte Lipstick
Cream Cake Matte Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Creamy Cloud Plumping Lip Gloss
Crystal Plumping Lip Gloss
Crystal Plumping Lip Gloss Sale price€12.00
Dazzle Bomb
Dazzle Bomb Sale price€12.00
Dazzle Light
Dazzle Light Sale price€12.00
Diamond Dusk Lipstick
Diamond Dusk Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Glam and Glow Palette
Glam and Glow Palette Sale price€35.00
Honey Kiss Matte Lipstick
Honey Kiss Matte Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Hydrating Lip Balm SPF15
Hydrating Lip Balm SPF15 Sale price€19.00
Jasper Nude Lip Gloss
Jasper Nude Lip Gloss Sale price€12.00
Kiss Catcher Lipsticks
Kiss Catcher Lipsticks Sale price€15.00
Lip saver
Lip saver Sale price€17.50
Lip Scrub & Balm Duo - Cranberry
Lip Scrub & Balm Duo - Marshamallow
Lip Scrub & Balm Duo - Mint
Lip Scrub & Balm Duo - Mint Sale price€11.00
Luminous Crystal Lip Glaze
Luminous Crystal Lip Glaze Sale price€12.00
Lush Matte Lipstick
Lush Matte Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Nude Jade Lipstick
Nude Jade Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Peach Citrine Lip Gloss
Peach Citrine Lip Gloss Sale price€12.00
Petal Glow
Petal Glow Sale price€10.00
Pink Ruby Lip Gloss
Pink Ruby Lip Gloss Sale price€12.00
Precious Topaz Liquid Matte Lip Gloss
Prinny Lip Pencil
Prinny Lip Pencil Sale price€8.00
Prinny Matte Lipstick
Prinny Matte Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Rose Gold Lip Gloss
Rose Gold Lip Gloss Sale price€12.00
Ruby Rose Lipstick
Ruby Rose Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Sapphire Lip Gloss
Sapphire Lip Gloss Sale price€12.00
Soft Citrine Lipstick
Soft Citrine Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Starlite Lipstick
Starlite Lipstick Sale price€12.00
Tanzanite Lip Gloss
Tanzanite Lip Gloss Sale price€12.00
Te Amo Lip liner
Te Amo Lip liner Sale price€5.95
Te Amo Lipstick
Te Amo Lipstick Sale price€9.95