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Product type
Sold outWater Test Kit
Water Test Kit Sale price$12.00
Sold outSwimmers Wellness® Collection
Sold outScalp Wellness® Collection
Hydrate Color Wellness Collection
Sold outHard Water Wellness® Collection
Curl Wellness Collection
Curl Wellness Collection Sale price$44.00
Malibu Blondes® Enhancing Collection
Hard Water
Hard Water Sale price$50.00
Swimmers Box
Swimmers Box Sale price$50.00
REHABILIT8 Protein Conditioner
REHYDR8 Moisture ConditionerREHYDR8 Moisture Conditioner
Replenish Hair MasqueReplenish Hair Masque
Replenish Hair Masque Sale price$50.00
Swimmers Wellness® ConditionerSwimmers Wellness® Conditioner
Scalp Wellness® ConditionerScalp Wellness® Conditioner
Hydrate Color Wellness Conditioner
Hard Water Wellness® ConditionerHard Water Wellness® Conditioner
Curl Wellness Conditioner
Curl Wellness Conditioner Sale price$50.00
Malibu Blondes® Enhancing ConditionerMalibu Blondes® Enhancing Conditioner
Un-Do-Goo > pH 9 ShampooUn-Do-Goo > pH 9 Shampoo
Un-Do-Goo > pH 9 Shampoo Sale price$50.00
Swimmers Wellness® ShampooSwimmers Wellness® Shampoo
Scalp Wellness® ShampooScalp Wellness® Shampoo
Scalp Wellness® Shampoo Sale price$50.00
Hydrate Color Wellness ShampooHydrate Color Wellness Shampoo
Hard Water Wellness® ShampooHard Water Wellness® Shampoo
Curl Wellness Shampoo
Curl Wellness Shampoo Sale price$50.00
Malibu Blondes® Enhancing ShampooMalibu Blondes® Enhancing Shampoo
Miracle Repair Blonde Enhance
Miracle Repair w/ Cooling Menthol
Miracle RepairMiracle Repair
Miracle Repair Sale price$61.00
Swimmers Mini-Rehab
Swimmers Mini-Rehab Sale price$88.00
Scalp Mini-Rehab
Scalp Mini-Rehab Sale price$88.00
Hard Water Mini-Rehab
Hard Water Mini-Rehab Sale price$88.00
Blondes Mini-Rehab
Blondes Mini-Rehab Sale price$88.00
Wefts and Extensions
Wefts and Extensions Sale price$50.00
Scalp Therapy
Scalp Therapy Sale price$50.00
Curl Partner
Curl Partner Sale price$50.00
Color Prepare
Color Prepare Sale price$50.00