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Product type
Scalp Care Exfoliator
Scalp Care Exfoliator Sale price€37.00
3% Stem Cell Peptide Treatment
3% Stem Cell Peptide Treatment Sale price€122.00
Botanical Repair™ Bond-Building Flash Treatment
Scalp Build-Up System Set
Scalp Build-Up System Set Sale price€112.00
Oily Scalp System Set
Oily Scalp System Set Sale price€112.00
Dry + Itchy Scalp System Set
Dry + Itchy Scalp System Set Sale price€78.00
Shield + Smooth Routine Kit
Shield + Smooth Routine Kit Sale price€90.00
Microbiome Cooling Scalp Serum
Mud Mask
Mud Mask Sale price€8.95
Mild Exfoliant
Mild Exfoliant Sale price€9.50
3-Seaweed Scalp Mud
3-Seaweed Scalp Mud Sale price€13.50
3-Seaweed Shampoo
3-Seaweed Shampoo Sale price€12.95
Magnesium + Argan Oil Shampoo
Scalp Care Revitalizing Treatment
Scalp Care Dry Scalp Treatment
Sunday Shampoo
Sunday Shampoo Sale price€32.00
Scalp Solutions Overnight Scalp Renewal Serum 50ml
scalp solutions stimulating scalp massager
scalp solutions refreshing protective mist
scalp solutions exfoliating scalp treatment
scalp solutions replenishing conditioner
scalp solutions balancing shampoo
Scalp Gua Sha
Scalp Gua Sha Sale price€50.00
Scalp Detox
Scalp Detox Sale price€50.00
Stem Cell Serum
Stem Cell Serum Sale price€88.00
Scalp Spa Brush
Scalp Spa Brush Sale price€14.00
Scalp Spa Serum
Scalp Spa Serum Sale price€39.00