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Toothpaste for Pregnancy

Hormonal changes within the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding can impact your oral health.

For this reason, Spotlight Oral Care have created a specially formulated toothpaste containing only the best, clean, safe, and specially selected active ingredients (nothing else), with synergistic action to thoroughly protect the oral cavity during this time.

Infused with Fluoride and supported with Folic Acid, the toothpaste contains Hydroxyapatite and added Calcium to help strengthen, restore and remineralise lost enamel.

This toothpaste is safe for both Mum and Baby and combats the most common and unique pregnancy and breastfeeding oral care needs and issues.

It offers Cavity Protection, Enamel Strengthening, Combats inflamed, bleeding and sore gums, and Maintains overall Gum and Teeth Health.

Mild Mint Flavour. 

Sale price€9.50

Toothpaste for Pregnancy
Toothpaste for Pregnancy Sale price€9.50

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